Logo-250wide54f9bedfb7f9b.jpgThe KERRY ASSOCIATION LONDON is a voluntary organisation consisting of London born and Kerry bred representatives. The aim of the association is to support and nurture the Kerry community based in London. It is our goal to assist those that are in need from every corner of Ireland and within the London Irish community. We want to create a better and sustainable environment for all of us to live in.

Chairmans Welcome

Danny O Sullivan, Chairman


Danny Tim O Sullivan was born in Gleesk, Kells, and grew up on a small farm before immigrating to London in the early seventies at the age of sixteen. Dan Tim is married to Sheila from Portmagee and they have five children: Caroline, Daniel, Timothy, Patsy and Julie.

He took over Chairman for the Kerry Association London in 2013 and has been an active member of the Association ever since it began. The association supports many diverse causes throughout London and the south east and especially those emigrating from Kerry in search of accommodation and work. Danny is a great believer in fundraising and has enjoyed helping many charities over the years and will continue to do so.

He has never forgotten where he came from and enjoys helping people who come over from Ireland with nothing. He has experienced how hard it can be to begin a new chapter in one’s life, a fellow Kerry man, John Murphy gave him the same opportunity and this start gave him the drive and determination to fuel a prosperous and successful business. He formed his own construction company in the mid-eighties and today it has become the number one labour supplier in London and the South East. Danny’s son Timothy and daughter Julie both work for the family business.

Danny became Kerry London Person of the Year in 2004 and Kerry Dublin Person of the Year in 2015.